The longer the training, the more cortisol released and more protein is destroyed, causing a catabolic state.

Studies have shown that an hour of training, increases the protein reserves in the immune and skeletal system, but this time training starts downloading reserves.

The function of this hormone called cortisol is to bring these proteins to the liver to be converted into glucose for this energy is used by the body.

To reduce the risk of over training ourselves we should have a carbohydrate intake of 60 to 70% of our diet the days we workout, we should take carbohydrates and proteins two hours before and after each workout, and continue to consume carbohydrates every two hours for the next 6 hours after training (simple carbohydrates provide faster glycogen), this helps the release of insulin helping faster recovery. We must take drinks to rehydrate. It is very important to take rest periods. Drink plenty of water, because the body functions are optimal when it is fully hydrated. We must stop training in the gym: to go to the gym must give the best of ourselves and be totally focused, but out there we must give importance to the rest to other important things in life, such as family relationships, friendships, work, relaxation, setting priorities, and always trying to not stress so it does not increase levels of cortisol in our body.